Saturday, February 04, 2006

Great Mad TV Skits

Since YouTube has a ton of clips from shows like Mad TV and SNL, this post is gonna be a nice roundup of some of the best Mad TV sketches I have seen. I may do an SNL version soon.

Laguna Bi-otch is, obviously, made after the Laguna Beach show. Nicole Parker wrote and stars in it. Funny even if you haven't seen the real show.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Narnia Rap Battle

Ahh, the first post. I'll use this space to share my favorite videos that I find on Feel free to comment on them or leave requests.

To go to the youtube page with the video just click on anywhere on the vid other than the buttons. Otherwise, watch them from here.

You've probably seen that one already, but here's the West Coast response. Mark Feuerstein and Adam Stein are the guys you'll see in the vid and Sam Friedlander, Jesse Eisenhardt, and Matt DiNicola helped out with the behind the scenes stuff. Their site is Narnia Rap Battle.

Here's a remake of the first one done by two 11 year olds from Chicago. Well done.

I'll be adding some graphics and customization to the blog later, enjoy the vids.